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The Cycle of Myself
Kincsem (short edit rescore)
This film is a short edit from Kincsem - Bet on Revenge (2017) and was provided by Pannonia Studio as part of the 2nd International Pannonia Film Music Competition. In my orchestral score, I wanted a sense of grandiosity at times but also intimacy. I subtly drew from Eastern European influences and romanticised the period setting. One of the main themes in this score is the ‘Kincsem’ theme - the horse in the film. See if you can recognise its galloping nature and sense of urgency.
Fish with Legs
A fun project in collaboration with student animator Eden Fixman. I of course played many hours of Animal Crossing before composing this one…
Rocket Science
Bridgerton - Spitfire Audio Scoring Competition 2022
Challenging myself to write in 5/4
Big Cats - The black-footed cat (rescore)
The BBC’s Big Cats documentary is one of my all-time favourites and so I had to pounce at the opportunity to rescore one of its scenes. The black-footed cat sequence captured my imagination as the small but agile cat hunts under the starry light of the Karoo desert. In my rescore, I went for a tone that was a little more sinister, swung and magical.
Hotel Andromeda
Hotel Andromeda is a sci-fi puzzle game set in a space-age hotel, inspired by a 70’s aesthetic. This project was a collaboration with creator Henry Winchester who was a computer science student at the University of Bristol. My role was to compose music for two rooms in the game: The Control Room and the Corridors.
Africa's Giant Killers (rescore)
During the course of my MA, I was mentored by Composer William Goodchild who introduced my peers and I to the exciting world of scoring for wildlife documentaries. The wonders of nature are inherently inspiring, not only to watch but also to score, and so, to date this remains one of my favourite works I have produced. I thank Will for providing this early edit of these two sequences and for acquainting me with the world of wildlife storytelling for it has become one of my favourite genres. (n.b. I do not own any of the visual or audio materials presented, only the orchestral rescore).
Flotsam and Jetsam
Flotsam and Jetsam is a stop-motion animation created by Felix Surplus. I collaborated with him to create a hybrid score that was both distorted, electronic and pulsating, while also drawing inspiration from the grandiosity of the orchestra and brilliance of the brass in Barry Gray’s score for Thunderbirds. In the far future, Earth endures a bitter and endless winter. This story follows the journey of a robot who is abandoned by the civilisation of people it served. Injured and alone, this journey takes the robot on an adventure through frozen wastelands and finally to an abandoned city in search of sanctuary. In this city, the robot seeks to find out if it is truly the last of its kind.
The Lost Piano
This short heartfelt film created by Westwood for the purpose of a scoring competition, features my original score for chamber orchestra (including the harp and solo viola) as well as a felt piano.
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