Hi, Iā€™m Adele and I am a composer and pianist
Music is many things, but to me, I recognise its power - most potently in film. It can be subtle, emotional and magical, yet striking and bold. Its diversity and endless potential has always kept me progressing as a composer ā€“ to keep exploring, trying out new techniques and creating new sounds. I gained this experimental and adventurous nature from my time at the University of Leeds where I studied BA Music. My degree enriched my knowledge in all sorts of musical analysis, film music theory and electro-acoustic composition but I knew my passion lay with film composition. Therefore I took the leap to study an MA in Composition of Music for Film and TV at the University of Bristol. It was here I found my strengths as I flourished into an orchestral composer and realised how as an empathetic person, I am able to deeply understand narrative in film, leading to successful collaborations.
I have composed for many different film genres such as drama, romance, fantasy, animation, horror and wildlife as well as games (sci-fi and fantasy rpg) but I am open to projects of all natures.
I am friendly, patient and very dedicated to producing music to the best of my ability and to the highest quality. So, please do get in touch if you are looking for someone to bring some magic to your project!
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